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ABOUT CLEFT EARLOBES : The enlargement of the ear piercing is a common problem thatoccurs due to wearing heavy jewellery or due to sudden trauma (such as earrings being pulled) Split earlobe cleft repair is a common request in cosmetic surgery. We present a non-surgicalprocedure for repair of split cleft ie severed fret ear using vinegar/organic chemicaltrichloroacetic acid 90 -100 %.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE : We provide topical anesthesia under the supervision of a professional, and then TCA is applied to the surface of split earlobe with the help of toothpick, till frosting appears. The edges are ensured and the earlobe is closed with (micropore) tape and
kept for a week. This process is repeated in case of any residual clefts so that the earlobe cleftis closed. May be repeated a maximum of three times(in two weeks). Furthermore, only 75 – 90% of the solution has been found to be appropriate for the elderly and immune patients.

DESCRIPTION : It is a very effective protein-precipitation agent. It gives rapidly better cosmeticresults after treatment with a barely visible vertical line, and the joint marks fade over time. Considering the surgical limitations, this non-invasive painless procedure described here isconsidered to be a good option for repair of split ear and enlarged ear hole due to its goodfunctional cosmetic results with low cost and minimal risk. There isalso ease of use, as no special skills are required. It is a working system based on a fewminutes of process, with rapid recovery.

SIDE EFFECTS : Mild to moderate discomfort at the site of application, but no systemic sideeffects have been observed after topical use of TCA. Temporary inflammatory is seen in somepatients which subsides within a week.
NOTE : While applying TCA there will be discomfort of cicatricial adhesion at the edges forsome time. There are no dietary restrictions. If necessary, the patient is given oral antibioticsand painkillers for 5 days. Patients are advised to use antibiotic cream after ear repair and to get the ear pierced only after three months. We ensure that your TCA is 90% medically pure to use.

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